(YEN-tah) is a Yiddish word referring to a Busybody woman, a woman who passionately runs around chatting with people to make matches. Most definitions refer to it as a gossipy woman a woman with a big mouth. A woman not afraid to talk to anyone for her goal of making matches. It was also the name of the matchmaker in the Broadway musical "Fiddler on the Roof".

Movie Critic/reporter Jake Hamilton and Nina Friedman
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Professional Matchmaker Nina Friedman has been matchmaking for decades. She is a firm believer that, in order to get what you want, you have to work at it, and romance is no different. Nina says that, in seeking a relationship. leave no stone unturned. "You never know where you will meet the love of your life--or how you will find them." Nina acts as your secret weapon in the battle to find that "special someone".

Nina is very selective in her match process. She doesn't guarantee that she will find your soul mate on the first try, but she does offer you the opportunity to enjoy a great date, good conversation, and maybe make a good friend, even if the "match" isn't "The One".

Nina was interviewed on Channel 11's Deborah Duncan Show in 1999 for a show entitled "Husband Hunting 101". She also gave tips on"How to Find Love in the New Year"and "How to Reinvent Yourself in the New Year" on Lara Bell's "Tube Talk" in 2002. Her 2006 interview with Tara Dooley for the Houston Chronicle has only heightened interest in Nina's skills as a matchmaker.

The matchmaking process includes a thorough interview. Nina can be reached at ms.friedman@sbcglobal.net or call 713-530-2509
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