Kelly Howard, owner of Eight Friends Out dinner club, Houston Single Source, and Bayou City Outdoors is the former Chief Love Officer of and is editor of the local "Houston Upcoming Events" weekly Ezine, with over 25,000 subscribers in the greater Houston and surrounding area. Kelly can be reached at

Eight Friends Out, Houston's only dining club for single professionals, is celebrating its 16th year of helping singles meet! Every week EFO members enjoy new restaurants, theatre, jazz clubs & festivals. Find out more at

Houston Single Source is Houston's online & off line resource for singles. With parties held around the city, a weekly Get-In-the-Know Newsletter of happenings, an online calendar and events where you can meet Yenta Girl live, it is Houston's Source for Singles! Stop by and learn more.

Love hiking, biking and socializing? Want to learn to kayak, camp, hang glide or taste fine wines? Bayou City Outdoors has something going on everyday! All levels of fitness, all ages, singles and couples, if you want to meet other active people and find fun places to play in and around Houston - is the place for you.

Author and Entrepreneur Anisa Aven

After three fiancées and a divorce, Anisa immersed herself in the study of intentional attraction, personal growth, dating, and relationships. With hard-won knowledge and lots of trial and error, Anisa successfully and intentionally attracted her husband and now teaches others how to use the principles of the mind to do the same.

She is the author of several programs including Navigate Your Fate, Create a Mate, Manifesting Prosperity, and 17 Seconds to a Celebrated Life.

As president of CreataVision Enterprises, Anisa has developed an unrivaled single's coaching program entitled Create-A-Mate.

Anisa is the nationally published author of the Ask the Soul Mate Coach column and appears weekly in dozens of relationship and dating sites across the Internet.

She can be reached at or by calling 832-237-6890.

Laura Lee, the Original "Ori-Yenta"

Nina's good friend and side-kick Laura Lee is the Original “Ori-Yenta”. From the “Lost Tribe” of Asian Yentas, Laura is a true Renaissance woman with many talents. She is an aspiring pilot, a certified eyelash extensionist and trainer, a massage therapist with strong hands, and a Reverend who performs marriages in odd situations (and that’s only naming a few of the things she does!). If jumping from an airplane, hiking the Grand Canyon or-- in Pamplona, Spain Running with the Bulls, sound like a way you’d like to get married, she’s just the Reverend crazy enough to do it with and for you! Her company “Reverend 4 Rent” is based in Houston, but performs ceremonies worldwide. Email her at .