My dates were few and far between until I met Nina. I have had more dates in the last year then I have had in the last 5 years. I am one of those women that everyone thinks has a date every night.. NOT TRUE.. well now it is more that I have Nina in my corner!! --Kelly

Nina spent some quality time with me. She really got to know me and she has a clear understanding of exactly what it is that I am looking for. She is honest and full of integrity and that is the kind of person I want helping me to find the right man for a long lasting future.--Mel

I have been working with Nina for a little over a year now. Though we have not found the "one" yet. She has introduced me to quite a few amazing women. She is really on the right track.--Tom

"After our first date, I called Nina to tell her that was the best date I've ever had! Thank you! Thank you!"

Says a recent client,
" I had the pleasure of meeting Nina Friedman in mid January. I was most impressed with how attentively she listened to me and also the quality of time she devoted while trying to get to know me. Nina has a wonderful and instinctive personality and a great connection socially in Houston -- Both which I believe are important for a good matchmaker. I have great trust and confidence in Nina's ability to find a qualified gentleman for me. In fact, she has already found a match for me already!"

"Good Morning Nina!!! Wanted to thank you for extending such a warm and thoughtful intro to your group, it was delightful to meet you, I respect greatly your mission. :) Also thank you for giving me your "Stamp of approval" kinda makes me feel like have have the "Good housekeeping Seal" an all!" --JM

"Nina, you are good at this!" in my last few years of dating nobody has been this interested in me..... Amy

I tell my sister about all my dates, she says "everyone should have a Nina in their corner." ... Holly W.

Are you always this right on when you introduce two people to each other? ... Steve A,